Executive Coach Chuck Mollor, The Pressures of the Modern CEO

CEO and Executive Coach Chuck Mollor joins the show to discuss the pressures of the modern CEO. Chuck started MCG Partners 15 years ago, author of “Rise of the Agile Leader “.

Chucks discusses three key points:

· The evolution of the success & skills needed for today’s CEO

· Advice for future C level executives

· What gets overlooked in the hybrid work-from-home model and how leaders instill trust in employees

The average tenure of a CEO is now three years. They face intense pressure from outside and inside forces. Be it start-up, mid-size, or Fortune 500 companies. The cycle of change and intensity is getting faster while cycles of innovation are getting shorter. Expectations are higher and the complexity of management is increasing; different age demographics, DEI, access, and ensuring all voices are being heard.

The life cycle of companies are getting shorter due to M&A, or are closing their doors due to a lack of innovations or opportunities.
CEOs must be more externally focused, while constantly learning and seeking feedback from peers and key stakeholders. CEOs must ensure they have a network of peers that they can turn to for advice and be sounding boards.
An effective leader must hold other executive team members accountable so that culture starts from the top and filters down.

He has also been a Cranberry Farmer.

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