Pushing Boundaries Leads to Executive Growth

Carla Fowler, an Executive Coach and founder of THAXA, has gone through the challenge of changing a career path and embracing new opportunities. Carla speaks to the advantages and growth (both personal and professional) of pushing yourself and getting outside of your comfort zone.  Professionals achieve career accomplishments by continuing to push oneself, learning, tackling new […]

VP to CCO: the Move from Tactical to Strategic

David Parkhurst is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and Managing Partner for Omni Interactions. Additional roles he has served as includes Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Chief Growth Officer. David discusses: The differences between CCO, CGO and CRO Moving from VP to C Level and the shift in revenue responsibilities When a deal falls apart at […]

CEO Insights & Self Care with Chris Younger

CEO Insights & Self Care with Chris Younger: Chris Younger is the CEO of Class VI Partners and is an executive with many chapters in his career. As President of Expanets, a telecom reseller, he acquired 27 companies in 3 years and then sold them to Avaya. He owned a Private Equity Firm and now […]

Transitioning from Founder to CEO

Transitioning from Founder to CEO with Raphael Crawford Marks: In a very honest conversation, onsite in Boulder, Colorado, we speak with Raphael Crawford Marks, who founded Bonusly over 11 years ago by accident. Bonusly was an offshoot of another project that has since taken off and recently secured its Series B funding. Raphael speaks to […]

The Art of Being a CFO with Eric Lougher

Eric Lougher is a versatile CFO who comes from an investor background. He has served as Chief Financial Officer for both VC and PE backed companies that provides Eric a balanced and insightful view of today’s CFO. Eric talks to two key points: The art of balance various department budgetary needs and fiscal health of the […]

Season 4 of CXO Conversations starts next week!

Upcoming interviews include Eric Lougher, of Taskray who discusses the role of today’s CFO and Board relations, CEO Raphael Crawford Marks on the transition from Founder to CEO,  and Chris Younger, successful executive and CEO of Class VI Partners on advice to CEOs.   Other guests include Jay McMullen, a Chief revenue Officer who decided […]

CEO William Toti, Have Those Hard Conversations to Improve and Advance

Former CEO William Toti, discusses having hard conversations with senior executives to learn and improve your career.

Bill discusses three main points:

· Being told “Bill, you’re screwing this up” and the lessons learned

· The skills Bill brought to Corporate America from the Navy

· What Leadership Development meant at Raytheon and how it positively impacted his executive career… It wasn’t what he initially thought!

Bill is the author of “From CO to CEO” and a former Submarine Commodore who retired as a United States Naval Captain. His post-Naval career includes Deputy Vice President for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, Vice President Hewlett-Packard (HP), VP at DXC Technology President of Cubic Corporation, and President of L3 Technologies for the Maritime Systems sector.

Bill discusses personal transition experiences from the Navy to corporate America and the importance of hard conversations with executives. He felt that there was lacking meaningful information for transitioning Veterans. Most of the Veteran employment-related books were written by Recruiters for senior officers, not lower-grade officers or enlisted personnel. While attending the United States Naval Academy, he met the legendary Admiral Hyman Rickover , father of the nuclear Navy.

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Executive Coach Chuck Mollor, The Pressures of the Modern CEO

CEO and Executive Coach Chuck Mollor joins the show to discuss the pressures of the modern CEO. Chuck started MCG Partners 15 years ago, author of “Rise of the Agile Leader “.

Chucks discusses three key points:

· The evolution of the success & skills needed for today’s CEO

· Advice for future C level executives

· What gets overlooked in the hybrid work-from-home model and how leaders instill trust in employees

The average tenure of a CEO is now three years. They face intense pressure from outside and inside forces. Be it start-up, mid-size, or Fortune 500 companies. The cycle of change and intensity is getting faster while cycles of innovation are getting shorter. Expectations are higher and the complexity of management is increasing; different age demographics, DEI, access, and ensuring all voices are being heard.

The life cycle of companies are getting shorter due to M&A, or are closing their doors due to a lack of innovations or opportunities.
CEOs must be more externally focused, while constantly learning and seeking feedback from peers and key stakeholders. CEOs must ensure they have a network of peers that they can turn to for advice and be sounding boards.
An effective leader must hold other executive team members accountable so that culture starts from the top and filters down.

He has also been a Cranberry Farmer.

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President/Board Director Ray Gogel on needed skills for today’s CEO

Ray Gogel has been a President and Board Director for energy companies such as Bridge Energy Group and US Grid. Additionally, Ray was the President/COO for Current, CAO/CIO for Xcel Energy and VP at IBM.

Three points that Ray discusses:

· Ray expands on his belief that CXO tends to be quiet once they reach the corner office

· Skills that are needed for today’s CEO, and where they may struggle

· What he looked for in C level executives has a board director and CEO

On your path to the C suite you learn different things, but also have the opportunity to build teams, learn what works and what doesn’t work. See teams evolve, how get teams not to develop group think or have individuals overpower other team members. All invaluable experience to build on as a leader.

Ray points to a much needed skill needed today from 15 years ago- the ability to listen. Not just the marketplace, but listen to your partners, customers, and people.

Breadth of experience is critical. Beyond vertical tactical planning- it is horizontal and saying what are the combinations that are unique and powerful, that is strategy.

Referenced book: Brad Feld’s book Startup Boards

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Brad Feld, VC, Boards; Why be on one, 1st Timers and the Colorado Trail

Venture Capitalist Brad Feld of the Foundry Group has invested in many well-known and successful companies. Brad has authored and co-authored several books on leadership for startups. Most recently, Startup Boards , a book he co-authored released its second edition.

Today, Brad discusses:

· Critical and insightful advice for serving on a board

· Key skills for first-time board members

· Important perspectives on C level hiring

Brad also shares a story or two from his Colorado Trail hiking experience and why he will never serve on 30 boards simultaneously ever again. Brad closes with a personal experience early in his life, what he learned from that moment, and how it continues to guide him daily.

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