Tony Engel Industry Diverse CFO/COO

Tony has sought opportunities to challenge himself and not be pigeon holed in one sector. Tony and Michael discuss how the CFO role is evolving, playing volleyball against Olympic athletes, trend in COO and CFO offices merging and his advice to those eyeing the C suite.  More

Peter Waziri, CFO of Parkland Community Health Plan

Peter grew up in West Africa, attended university in the UK, earned his Masters in the US, and served in several different sectors. Starting his career in banking, Peter founded his own Capital Advising firm before moving into health care. Peter sought the healthcare sector as a place to apply his executive skills while contributing […]

John Oechsle CEO Derive Systems

Setting career goal and making strategic decisions to become a CEO. John made purposeful key decisions at Johnson & Johnson, Maxxar, IHS and Kellogg’s to gain experience and opportunities to become an effective and seasoned CEO.  More

Bill Coletti CEO

C suite advisor to CEOs on a bad day and crisis management More