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Christine Gagnon CFO, the importance of being intellectually curious

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Christine Gagnon is the Chief Financial Officer of the African Asset Finance Company (AAFC). At EY, Christine served as CFO/COO in the UK and South Africa along with leadership roles at OneWest bank and PwC.

As Christine holds executive education certifications from Harvard Business School, Stanford, Washington University of St. Louis along with her MBA, she speaks to the importance of being curious.

Two takeaways from Christine’s conversation:
· How international travel educates and influences her on global business issues and market awareness
· The value of continuous learning and the intellectual and monetary value it brings to a career

The advanced education opportunities allow Christine to have more substantive discussions and strategic planning with her constituents.

Christine sees angles of the business that she would have not otherwise and that allows her to better serve the CEO and organization.

Referenced prior podcast guest: Casey Woo from April 12, 2022 episode

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