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Strategic Chief Financial Officer

Location: Flexible

The CFO at Focused Energy will be instrumental in the progression from fractional to management consulting, and will operate within two spheres of responsibilities: External and Internal. In both, the CFO will provide:

  • Leadership: Provide advice, counsel and be the voice of concern with suggestions, grow and scale leadership
  • Operations: Understand business models, KPI’s and build-out philosophy with a services background
  • Controls: Risk mitigations, regulatory and legal issues
  • Strategy: Support strategic development, bridge the gap between finance and strategy

External – Client Facing

  • As a Consulting CFO, you will serve as a trusted advisor to clients to define and shape their maturity and growth.
  • This is not a drone billable role, rather, shepherding clients to their next level is the utmost goal. Providing candid, direct dialogue with CEOs, “You seem stressed, what’s going on?”
  • As an expert strategic consultant, you will become a pivotal member of our consulting team, working alongside some of the world’s top minds on industry-shaping transactions. You will lead collaboration on challenging projects with client members from many backgrounds, advising them on a constellation of issues, including finance transformation, technology, operations, process and policy.
  • Your legacy will impact not one, but numerous emerging and SMB companies and employees.
  • On a project you will have a team under you and will hold them accountable – with the support of the client CEO.


  • As Focused Energy grows, so will your internal responsibilities and impact. Drew Lyon is a passionate Founder who wants not only to grow the business, but transform Focused Energy, his clients and industry. 
  • You will identify white space and solutions, be Drew’s trusted advisor and represent Focused Energy as a thought leader. 
  • You will a Subject Matter Expert. And with the support of Marketing, produce content by way of Whitepapers, panel participation, keynote speaking opportunities, etc. 
  • You will be part of taking Focused Energy’s client portfolio upstream.

Candidate Profile 

  • Experience scaling a business and understanding the challenges growing companies will face. Recognize when people are stressed or need to be held accountable. 
  • Have experiences with these issues and own the challenges. Be authentic, and intrinsically understand the human side to business.
  • Experience with FNA, finance transformation, technology, operations, process and policy.

Introducing Focused Energy

Drew Lyon

Drew Lyon
Founder & Managing Partner
Hiring Executive

Drew Lyon founded Focused Energy 10 years ago because of his passion for helping other companies scale and thrive. A knowledge of finance combined with a respect for innovation led Drew to start a company dedicated to helping people with great ideas create prosperous businesses.

He is a vocal advocate for the CFO to be more strategic, and be a thought leader internally, while looking beyond the spreadsheets believing that, “Numbers tell a story.”

He is an advisor with Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado, a member with Entrepreneurs Organization and gives back to the community with Wish for Wheels as a Board of Advisor member.

Drew has been featured on podcasts, webinars, panels and in Forbes. Personal interests includes traveling and painting.

Mike Lavilla

Mike Lavilla
Managing Partner

Mike Lavilla joined Focused Energy three years ago as a Managing Partner.

He brings a wealth of cross industry experience to the firm and their clients. From telecommunications, financial services, retail to hospitality, Mike helps clients navigate growing pains while fostering Focused Energy’s growth of offerings.

Mike led the expansion of Focused Energy’s new operations program strategy, with the goal to realign systems, improve business efficiency and profitability, optimize systems, improve customer relationships and incorporate accountability and continuous improvement throughout the program.

What We Do

Focused Energy is a CFO, finance and business strategy firm for small and medium-sized companies. They help business leaders understand their finances and operations, so they can focus on their vision and build their company.

Their diverse experts provide strategic guidance to help business leaders achieve their mission, improve profitability and reduce stress. From small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations, companies choose their fractional finance and operations team because they often struggle to find the time, resources or expertise to efficiently scale.

Working in tandem, or as an extension of a company’s leadership team, businesses reap the benefit of outsourced advisors able to provide a myriad of high-level expertise in a single package, at a fraction of what they would normally pay for full-time staff.

Driven and inspired by their core values and passionate and energetic leadership, Focused Energy brings focus, drive, and compassion to their client portfolio today. They’re different from your average advisors, priding themselves as the straight-shooters, the planners, the strategists, the data geeks and expert communicators that make positive change happen. Partnering with business leaders to ensure clear and practiced decisions that are focused on the company’s long-term goals.

  • Average client engagement is 2.5 years
  • Organically grow client’s revenue between 50%-100%
  • Focused Energy Consultants are key members of their client’s executive leadership
  • Consultants are not drones- they provide substantive impact on growth, fundraise and executive mentorship

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Fractional Accounting - Finance - Operations

See beyond the obvious

Strategic Financial Services

  • Fractional CFO & Leadership
  • Financial Modeling & Forecasting
  • Budget to Actual
  • Due Diligence, Fundraising & Valuation 
  • Cashflow Analysis 
  • Audit Preparation
  • Expansion Plans
  • Profitability Improvement

Strategic Operations Solutions

  • Fractional COO & Leadership
  • Resources & Staff Planning
  • Organizational Alignment (people, process, technology)
  • Operational Planning & Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Business Strategy, Creation & Execution
  • Continuous Business Improvement
  • Transition & Succession Planning