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Vice President of Sales

LeanLaw seeks a hands-on player/coach sales leader who can build out the sales organization while driving revenue growth. Sales efforts will be focused on law firms of 25-75 users with an average sales cycle of 90 days, although some larger deals can carry a sales cycle of up to six-plus months.

The successful candidate will manage the pursuit of two critical sales personas;  the firm’s Managing Partner and its financial, operational leader. A successful sale will balance the communication of LeanLaw’s value to the law firm and explain the operational functionality.  LeanLaw advocates for work/life balance and strives to be a transparent and collaborative work environment. 

The VP of Sales will:

  • Leverage LeanLaw’s success with small law firms (10-20) to penetrate the Midmarket (25-100 attorney law firms) with inbound and outbound sales efforts. As part of the management team, the VP of Sales will voice in building the company.

  • Grow with the organization to a potential C-level role.

  • Embrace the culture and values of the company while contributing to the culture, growth and success. 

  • Implement best of breed sales practices, partner with Marketing for content

Initial Milestones:

  • While managing current sales professionals, this role will drive new logos, hire an additional sales person within 3-6 months and increase revenue by $1M in 12 months.

What You Bring to the Table:

  • Proven record of individual contributor success while scaling a sales team.
  • Embrace the opportunity and drive LeanLaw’s growth.
  • Create the fence line, not play within one.

Compensation plan includes base salary, upside and equity.

Leanlaw story

Introducing Lean Law

Mission: Help law and professional service firms build better businesses. By better, we mean efficient, transparent, and empowering of the deepest values of the firm.

Vision: LeanLaw clients will thrive because our software brings them palpable value. Every aspect of our clients’ financial operations is improved meaningfully, from workflows to reporting to industry-leading data insights.

Culture: LeanLaw puts the client first. We welcome and seek diverse voices to join the team, are not afraid of failure, and welcome fresh ideas and improvement.


  • We do the right thing: We have a customer mindset. We act; we do what’s right for the customer, company, employees and stakeholders. It’s ok to be wrong, but it isn’t ok to do nothing. We own it!
  • We are authentic: We bring our best selves to work. We are open to constructive conflict. We are transparent.
  • Everyone is heard and valued: Each of us is empowered; we treat everyone with respect and embrace collaboration.
  • We are accountable: We are responsible and we own it. We act independently and we get it done.
  • We are continuous learners: We have a learning mindset, we are ingenious and we seek self-improvement.
Jonathon Fishman

Jonathon Fishman, Founder & CEO
Jonathon is a two-time founder with an exit of $25 million. He has 20 years of C-level experience specific to B2B focused software and solutions. He has a knack for translating and interpreting market conditions into internal and external objectives. Based in Boise, ID, Jonathon enjoys the many outdoor adventures around him when not playing guitar or taking piano lessons.

Gary Allen, Founder & COO
Gary was fed up with the technology available to attorneys. As a partner in one of Idaho’s largest law firms with more than 25 years as an attorney, Gary has a keen understanding of law firm workflows and a sense of the transformative potential of technology. Thus he founded LeanLaw. A Philosophy undergraduate, Gary graduated from Stanford Law, and practiced in California. An avid outdoorsman, he hiked and biked throughout Europe (Italy, Austria, Norway…) before settling in Boise.

Laura Beaulieu

Laura Beaulieu, VP of Marketing
Laura joined LeanLaw for several reasons: the culture, values of the company and client care. But also for the opportunity to again scale an emerging company. From Worcester, MA, Laura brings start up growth success to LeanLaw. Current initiatives include leading the redesign of the company’s website and implementing a BDR program.

Timekeeping: LeanLaw has four different tools to track time because time trackers have preferences. Calendar / Mobile app / Desktop Tracker / Timers.

Expenses: Enter law firm expenses in either LeanLaw or QuickBooks and they automatically sync. Filter by time, by matter or by client.

Trust Accounting:LeanLaw takes the headache out of law firm trust accounting and keeps you compliant with the ABA.

Reporting: Billable reports, revenue reports and other legal specific reports like IOLTA trust accounting and timekeeper productivity. Live, real-time data.