Professional Search

Great leaders are judged by their hires. We understand that in addition to company culture, solution and compensation, candidates care about the person who will be their boss. This is often one of the top two reasons candidates make a move. The other? Lack of upward mobility within their organization. Statistically, money is number six. 

Everyone has a hiring blindside—what is yours? Understanding a candidate’s motivation to make a change is often a hiring blindside that significantly hinders leader’s ability to land top talent.  Another is understanding the competitive environment and positioning the search and company accordingly. What are the business climate changes and how do they impact hiring needs today and tomorrow? And how do those changes affect your ability to satisfy your customers?

Leaders hire people to solve problems, to create an asset within the line of business and company. As search advisors, we work from the problem to provide a solution. 

Every search assignment is different and represents a new challenge.  How to break through all the white noise to reach top talent is a critical stage. Now you have to land them. 

You will judge us on our quality.