Professional Search as a Service (ProSaaS)

Your FY hiring roadmap shows monthly hires for the next six to 12 months and you need a steady supply of top talent to keep up with those hiring demands. Rather than passively waiting for candidates to land on your desk, what if you had a steady stream of “A Players” presented monthly? 

What would you do if your top performer gave notice today? How long until you start receiving any candidates? With a monthly slate of three to five candidates, wouldn’t that put you in a position of strength for hiring?

One of the advantages of ProSaaS is that all of the homework is done upfront. We understand your management style, culture, company, goals, everything aspect of a professional search and proactively find you that talent. 

The advantages go both ways; your time to hire and loss of revenue is reduced and we get to know you intimately with the steady flow of candidates and that allows us to provide you with real-time market intelligence throughout the long-term engagement.