CTO Leadership Skills from Engineering to C Suite

Frederic Rivain has served as a CTO for numerous technology companies in France and the US.  He speaks to the differences in managing technical vs non technical staff and aligning to their motivations.  Frederic talks to: Differences in leading technical and non-technical professionals Role of the CTO on the executive leadership team Advice to those […]

Pushing Boundaries Leads to Executive Growth

Carla Fowler, an Executive Coach and founder of THAXA, has gone through the challenge of changing a career path and embracing new opportunities. Carla speaks to the advantages and growth (both personal and professional) of pushing yourself and getting outside of your comfort zone.  Professionals achieve career accomplishments by continuing to push oneself, learning, tackling new […]

Brad Feld, VC, Boards; Why be on one, 1st Timers and the Colorado Trail

Venture Capitalist Brad Feld of the Foundry Group has invested in many well-known and successful companies. Brad has authored and co-authored several books on leadership for startups. Most recently, Startup Boards, a book he co-authored, released its second edition.

Brad also shares a story or two from his Colorado Trail hiking experience and why he will never serve on 30 boards simultaneously ever again. Brad closes with a personal experience early in his life, what he learned from that moment, and how it continues to guide him daily.