5/95 Focus Methodology

Our proven 5/95 Focus methodology ensures a deep understanding of the assignment objectives and desired outcomes. It guarantees alignment with an opportunity profile predicated on the expectations of all stakeholders. This results in high caliber candidates who are authentically engaged in the search.

5/95 Focus Features a 5 Stage Search Process

<br>Search Definition

Search Definition

Client specific measured stakeholder interviews that define the candidate profile, business impact, outcomes, growth and KPI metrics. Is there a blindside? Are stakeholders aligned or is there a delta? If so, to what degree.
<br>Research, Search Strategy

Research, search strategy


Research combines all components of the discovery elements to identify and source highly targeted prospective profiles.

<br>Execute Go-to-Market Search Strategy

Go to market deliverable


This body of work evolves into the go-to-market search strategy. It provides an actionable  roadmap with defined deliverables (implementation upon client approval).

Our clients are integral to the process. This collaboration is key to securing the desired top talent candidates.

OCNS facilitates the search engagement, to ensure client and candidate experience is professional, and communication flows readily. While managing a smooth and on track interview process to avoid candidate attrition.



OCNS administers Hogan assessments, and conducts exhaustive background checks, (social media, regulatory etc.) and in-depth custom reference checks for client decision making confidence.

<br>Follow Through

Follow through

OCNS executive onboarding circles back to the initial search intake and maps a custom executive onboarding for a 90-120 follow through to facilitate a smooth and successful executive hire.

Process Overview

Search Process

Each search is unique. Our custom, personalized approach begins with a consultation to determine our clients’ needs, vision and company culture. We identify our client’s competitor soft spots and align our client’s strengths to leverage quality candidates through a carefully vetted and proven process.


On average, only five percent of the prospective candidate pool results in a presentation of finely-tuned matches to our clients, providing only the best talent with candidates whose culture aligns with our clients.

Beyond the Search

We are lockstep with our clients and candidates throughout the full life-cycle experience, seeing the process to successful completion. We provide assistance with:

  • Full life cycle support; Scheduling, assistance with creating interview questions, managing interview logistics, attend interviews, assistance with offer letters, follow ups after start date and more.  

Both sides can expect a 30, 60 and 90-day follow-up (in addition to the random hello).

We Help You with Your Blindside

Your company is only as successful as the people you hire. As a proven leader in cultivating relationships, OC National Search will help you with the hiring blindside. Our boutique agency has a unique approach in making the right connections to recruit top talent for the best fit

Since 2001 we have remained committed to 100% client and candidate satisfaction. You are always talking with the person actually doing the search, not a sales person. We will spend the time to not waste your time. We will get to understand you, your team, culture and vision for success.

Collaboratively, we will challenge assumptions to help you navigate hiring blind spots, resulting in a “launch to land” customizable hiring strategy to deliver only the best talent to you. We challenge the traditional interview processes with a tailored search process that focuses on the hiring executive needs, candidate experience and market conditions.

Success Stories

Founder and CEO Christian Damstra of Australia-based Damstra Technologies relocated to Denver, Colorado with the purpose of establishing its North American headquarters. Christian engaged OC for his company’s North American Vice President leadership search.

Christian’s strategic plan was to hire a Vice President with the goal of grooming the successful hire to become the North American leader within 16 months so he could return home to Australia.

The search was launched on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued through the global lockdown. The successful candidate started in late spring 2020. Within 10 months was promoted to Senior Vice President for North America, and Christian returned home eight months ahead of schedule.

Zayo Group, a global network infrastructure company engaged OC National Search on a Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits search, with the position reporting directly to the CEO. Six candidates were submitted and the successful candidate served in a similar role for 15 years at a global financial services organization reporting directly to the C-suite. Due to his experience and unique capabilities, the offered role was elevated to a Vice President position.

The placed executive was promoted to lead sales operations and then Head of Procurement. 

In 2005, Seattle-based Point B was an emerging consultancy and engaged OC National Search on several consultant searches. OC placed several local consultants that served with Point B for six to 15 years. One consultant in particular has done so well, that she now serves as their IT Project Management Office Leader.