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Community Service by Applying CFO skills to City Council Appointment

As Tyson Begly was wrapping up being CFO of Delta Data, after a Accel KKR transaction to Terminus Capital Partners, he was asked to complete the final year of a City Council seat, provided he would not run for reelection. Tyson readily agreed – he wanted to give back to his community. 

Tyson shares his thoughts on:

  • How serving as a Company Executive helps him be a good public servant

  • Corporate skills and experiences that he is able to utilize as a City Council member

  • Shared thoughts to those who are interested in serving their community

Tyson served as COO/CFO for Delta Data until a change of control in early 2023. Prior experience includes management consulting for Accenture, Morgan Stanley, Diamond Management and others. 

Tyson holds an MBA from Duke University. 

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