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Ben Deda

Food for Thought: Revisiting Food Maven’s Impact with CEO Ben Deda

In this episode of CXO Conversations, host Michael Mitchell revisits a memorable interview with Ben Deda, CEO of Food Maven, recorded during Denver Startup Week. This engaging discussion delves into Food Maven’s mission to combat food waste, revolutionizing the distribution model with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and community impact. Through a tech-enabled platform, Food Maven connects surplus food with buyers, reducing waste and supporting local suppliers while fostering innovation and collaboration.

Throughout the conversation, Ben reflects on his journey from tech to CEO, offering valuable insights on leadership, innovation, and collaborative networks. Listeners gain insights into Ben’s essential focus areas as a CEO, the influential roles shaping his career, and his advice for aspiring leaders in the startup landscape. Additionally, Ben shares the inception and growth of Denver Startup Week, providing candid insights into its format, impact, and lessons learned from organizing such a vibrant community event.

Join Michael and Ben as they explore sustainable business practices, community-building, and visionary leadership. From Food Maven’s origins to Denver Startup Week’s evolution, this episode offers a compelling exploration of challenges and opportunities in driving positive change. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers to embrace innovation and collaboration for a more sustainable future. Plus, stay tuned for the next episode, where Ben shares updates on Food Maven’s journey over the past four years. 


  • Introduction of Ben Deda – (00:00:00)
  • Overview of Food Maven’s Mission and Operations – (00:01:42)
  • Addressing Food Waste Challenges – (00:03:22)
  • Tech Integration and Business Model Evolution – (00:04:39)
  • Transitioning to CEO Role and Leadership Insights – (00:06:05)
  • Mentors, Board Management, and Succession Planning – (00:08:28)
  • CEO Preparedness and Learning from Experiences – (00:10:26)
  • Ben’s Key Focus Areas as CEO – (00:13:42)
  • Influential Roles in Ben’s Career Journey – (00:15:31)
  • Advice for Aspiring CEOs – (00:16:09)
  • Co-founding Denver Startup Week – (00:19:04)
  • Evolution and Impact of Denver Startup Week – (00:23:26)
  • Lessons Learned from Organizing Denver Startup Week – (00:25:15)
  • Transition from Day-to-Day Operations to Board – (00:28:13)
  • Temperature Adjustment in Warehouse Setting – (00:29:20)


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Michael Mitchel revisits an insightful interview with Ben Deda, CEO of Food Maven, and co-founder of Denver Startup Week. This conversation dives deep into Food Maven's mission to combat food waste by revolutionizing the distribution model, prioritizing sustainability, efficiency, and community impact.