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President/Board Director Ray Gogel on needed skills for today’s CEO

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Ray Gogel has been a President and Board Director for energy companies such as Bridge Energy Group and US Grid. Additionally, Ray was the President/COO for Current, CAO/CIO for Xcel Energy and VP at IBM.

Three points that Ray discusses:
· Ray expands on his belief that CXO tends to be quiet once they reach the corner office
· Skills that are needed for today’s CEO, and where they may struggle
· What he looked for in C level executives has a board director and CEO

On your path to the C suite you learn different things, but also have the opportunity to build teams, learn what works and what doesn’t work. See teams evolve, how get teams not to develop group think or have individuals overpower other team members. All invaluable experience to build on as a leader.

Ray points to a much needed skill needed today from 15 years ago- the ability to listen. Not just the marketplace, but listen to your partners, customers, and people.

Breadth of experience is critical. Beyond vertical tactical planning- it is horizontal and saying what are the combinations that are unique and powerful, that is strategy.

Referenced book: Brad Feld’s book Startup Boards

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