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Transitioning from Founder to CEO

Transitioning from Founder to CEO with Raphael Crawford Marks:

In a very honest conversation, onsite in Boulder, Colorado, we speak with Raphael Crawford Marks, who founded Bonusly over 11 years ago by accident. Bonusly was an offshoot of another project that has since taken off and recently secured its Series B funding.

Raphael speaks to several points:

  • The transition from being hands-on to leading
  • Differences between being a Founder and CEO what it is like
  • How the role of CEO continues to evolve and the company setback of a bad hire

We discuss the challenges and learning moments moving from being a hands-on start-up Founder to a governing company CEO. His job as CEO is still constantly changing- it changes every three months. He also embraces hiring those who are smarter than himself, talks about why, learning new leadership skills, and the value of a support network and mentors.

Bonusly is an enterprise platform that helps companies create a high-performance, high-engagement workplace. Prior to founding Bonusly, Raphael was an early employee at several startups, a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, and an instructor for Year Up. Dropping out of high school, Raphael worked as a software engineer in the mid-nineties but did eventually earn his BA in cognitive science from Hampshire College, where he wrote his senior thesis on artificial intelligence.

Articles feat. Raphael;

In a Medium article, Raphael discusses “Five Things Business Leaders Can Do To Create A Fantastic Work Culture”

At Raphael discusses “Four Benefits of Positive Recognition to Boost Employee Engagement”

On, Raphael has several articles discussing employee feedback, communications, and how to harness staff evaluations.

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