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CAE Mary-Margaret Henke, Aiming and Reaching the C Suite Part 2

This episode is Part 2 of the interview with Mary-Margaret Henke. Today we discuss her insight on aiming for and reaching the C-suite.



Mary-Margaret graduated from the University of Denver and is a Certified Public Accountant. She is a member of the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business executive advisory board. She started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC as a consultant, then CoBank followed by Janus Henderson Investors as their Chief Audit Executive. She then joined Western Union and pursued several roles including CAE.


Mary-Margaret recently served as Chair of the Audit Advisory Committee on the Supervisory Board for the Western Union International Bank out of Vienna, Austria. Mary-Margaret volunteers with the learning source and was recognized as an emergent leader by the Colorado Certified Public Accountant organization in 2014.





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[2:16] Michael opens up Part 2 with a question on palace intrigue as well as how Mary-Margaret’s path to the C-suite unfolded. She shares a tip about being verbal with your ambition.


RAISE YOUR HAND, SAY YES [5:57] Mary-Margaret shares specific examples of how she nurtured the relationships that propelled her along the way.


MENTORS AND SPONSORS [8:55] Mentors and sponsors are very different; Mary-Margaret details how. She touches on how to develop those relationships and shares her own experience mentoring junior executives and even further, teenagers!


REACHING THE C-LEVEL [11:55] Reaching the C-level isn’t a simple endeavor, Mary-Margaret reiterates the 80/20 rule she shared earlier but adds a caveat: is the C-suite your end-all goal?


WORK/LIFE [13:38] Balancing family and the C-level is hard, and it’s done over time. Mary-Margaret shares her advice for managing stress and getting it all done: reach out to your support systems!


INFLUENCE [17:35] Mary-Margaret shares aspects of businesses where a CAE is not required but ultimately beneficial.


SURPRISE, WE’RE ALL HUMAN! [19:44] The most surprising aspect of being at the C-level for Mary-Margaret was the deconstruction of the ideal: they’re human too!


GLOBAL INFLUENCE [21:15] The global aspect of Western-Union was the most influential in shaping Mary-Margaret as an executive; she shares why.


LINEAR OR OPPORTUNISTIC? [22:44] Mary-Margaret takes a look back at her career journey. She opens up about the three qualities that have served her best.


PRESSURE [24:22] Pressure points in head of audit roles are common; Mary-Margaret shares a personal experience to highlight how she handles them.


BANKS [28:49] The differences between farm and consumer banking?


INITIATIVE [31:33] Mary-Margaret shares an initiative she spearheaded as well as how she set it up. She also invites people who see an opportunity for solving a problem to raise their hand to solve it!


MARY-MARGARET’S ADVICE FOR HER YOUNGER SELF [34:09] When you lose, don’t lose the learning.


BEST WORST JOB MARY-MARGARET EVER HAD [35:27] Working for an unpleasant, emotionally unstable, volcanic basketcase — twice — sometimes, it’s OK to walk away.


READ, LISTEN AND GET IN TOUCH [37:17] Mary-Margaret shares her reading and listening list, find all the links below.


[38:54] Michael thanks Mary-Margaret for coming on the podcast to share her insight and closes out the podcast with his favorite takeaways.


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Book: QBQ! Be Outstanding, by John G. Miller



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