C Suite Skills for all Industries with John Vranas

C Suite Skills

In this special edition of CXO Conversations, host Michael Mitchel revisits an engaging dialogue with John Vranas, who at the time was the Chief Development Officer for the Humane Society of America. This episode covers a breadth of topics that all can benefit from; from program creation to donor ( or sales) engagement and executive leadership preparation.

Transforming a Company: From Warehouses to Tech with Food Maven’s CEO Ben Deda

Ben Deda

Join host Michael Mitchel as he welcomes back Ben Deda, CEO of Food Maven, for a revealing look at the company’s four-year journey. Explore key milestones, strategic shifts, and insights into navigating challenges in the food industry. Gain valuable lessons in leadership, resilience, and adaptability while gaining optimism for the future of Denver’s startup ecosystem.

Food for Thought: Revisiting Food Maven’s Impact with CEO Ben Deda

Ben Deda

Michael Mitchel revisits an insightful interview with Ben Deda, CEO of Food Maven, and co-founder of Denver Startup Week. This conversation dives deep into Food Maven’s mission to combat food waste by revolutionizing the distribution model, prioritizing sustainability, efficiency, and community impact.

Leading with Impact: Laura Ortman’s Journey to CEO at COLOGIX


In this episode of CXO Conversations, host Michael Mitchel engages with Laura Ortman, CEO of COLOGIX, to explore her dynamic journey from the athletic fields through various pivotal roles in the tech industry to her current position at the helm of a leading network-neutral interconnection and Hyperscale Edge data center company.

From Ambition to CEO: The Role of Resilience in Leadership with Grant Stanis

Grant Stanis

In this episode of “CXO Conversations,” host Michael Mitchel welcomes Grant Stanis, a dynamic CEO renowned for his resilience and strategic acumen in the corporate world. Stanis shares his compelling journey from his first student council campaign to the helm of major corporations, revealing the pivotal role of resilience in climbing the corporate ladder.

Season Recap: A Year of Executive Insights and Leadership Lessons

Season Finale

In this season finale of CXO Conversations, host Michael Mitchel takes a moment to reflect on the remarkable year of 2023, revisiting the wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences shared by prominent executives, like Eric Lougher, David Cox, Craig Cummings, Janine Davidson, and many more.

From West Point to the Boardroom: Jack Blaha’s Leadership Odyssey

Jack Blaha

Join host Michael Mitchel in a conversation with Jack Blaha, CEO of Cendyn, as they delve into his journey from West Point and military service to becoming a prominent figure in the corporate world. Blaha delves into the synergy between his military discipline and his achievements in the fast-paced world of SaaS industries like hospitality and social media marketing. He sheds light on the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in shaping company culture and the profound impact of a CEO’s leadership style, offering invaluable advice for ambitious leaders on mastering the art of adaptability, the art of building robust professional networks, and the subtle art of leading successful teams.

Building Your Career Transition Elevator Pitch

From the frontlines in Afghanistan to the center of the Texas startup ecosystem, Craig Cummings has built an incredible career developing technology that solves real-world problems. He’s now General Partner at Moonshots Capital, a venture capital firm in Austin that invests in technology startups, with a special focus on those founded by military veteran entrepreneurs.  […]