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CRO Randal Meske on Trust, Talent, Process and Challenges

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As summer is in full swing, this is a great opportunity for an excerpt from a 2020 interview with CRO Randal Meske .

The full interview can be found Here .

Randal Meske is the CRO at ConstructConnect (a Roper Technologies company) and the Founder and CEO at Evreware, a market intelligence firm.

Today, Randal discusses:
· Differences between Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
· What led him down the CRO path and the #1 challenge of being a CRO
· The importance of trust, trust, trust, and talent

In addition to Randel’s tenure as a company President, he has held leadership roles domestically and internationally. His company stints include Citation Technologies, Oracle, Lotus, IBM, HIS, and more.

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