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Moving from BigCo to Middle Market

Tom Chittenden started out in technology and discusses how he arrived as CEO of Inovonics by way of GE & NCR. He speaks about the scrappy opportunities at GE and the similarities of that attitude at Inovonics, a middle-market company, along with some of the differences in attitude, presence and freedom. 

Tom gives us insight into:

  • What he looks for when hiring executives
  • Advice for anyone wanting to be in the CXO chair
  • Importance of mentorship & what you can take from it

Along the way, his international travel helped him appreciate different cultures and what unites us, while also valuing looking back on his days as a waiter and what he took from them. These factors as well as his experience in the C-Suite world drive him to be impactful in all aspects of his business which he shares with us in this episode.

Welcome to Colorado Tom!

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