President/Board Director Ray Gogel on needed skills for today’s CEO

Ray Gogel  has served as COO, President and Board Director numerous times in the energy sector throughout his career.  He has served in executive roles as CIO, CAO, COO, Managing Director and Board of Directors for companies such as Xcel Energy, Accenture, US Grid Company, IBM and others.    Ray joins CXO Conversations to discuss […]

Brad Feld, VC, Boards; Why be on one, 1st Timers and the Colorado Trail

Brad Feld is a successful Veteran Capitalist and founding member of the Foundry Group.  Within the Colorado startup scene, Brad is a bit of a celebrity having been part of some well-known successful companies.   Brad really sees founders and start ups not just investments, but as a community that he supports, sees areas for improvements, […]

Interviewing to be a Sub Skipper, then CEO

Chuck Melcher is a retired Naval Commanding Officer that has served in various roles including Chief Engineering, XO and Skipper on several Nuclear Attack Submarines.  After retiring from the United States Navy, Chuck joined an international energy company as a VP and quickly rose to CEO.  Chuck discusses interviewing to become a Submarine skipper, his […]

Christine Gagnon CFO, the importance of being intellectually curious

Christine is an accomplished global CFO who rose up through the ranks of senior leadership at Big 4 firms, such as PwC and EY. She is a life-long learner who is both personally and professionally curious, and intrinsically driven to continually broaden her base of knowledge and experience.  She’s an avid traveler who has even […]

CRO Randal Meske on Trust, Talent, Process and Challenges

As summer is in full swing, this is a great opportunity for an excerpt from a 2020 interview with CRO Randal Meske.  The full interview can be found here   About our Guest Randal Meske is the CRO at ConstructConnect (a Roper Technologies company) and the Founder and CEO at Evreware, a market intelligence firm.   Prior […]

CEO Tom Chittenden, Successfully moving from BigCo to Middle Market

Tom started out in technology and discusses how he arrived at the CEO chair by way of GE & NCR. He speaks about to the scrappy opportunties at GE and the similiarties of that attitude at Inovonics, a middle market company. Along the way, his international travel helped him apprciate different cultures and what unites […]

Tony Engel Industry Diverse CFO/COO

Tony has sought opportunities to challenge himself and not be pigeon holed in one sector. Tony and Michael discuss how the CFO role is evolving, playing volleyball against Olympic athletes, trend in COO and CFO offices merging and his advice to those eyeing the C suite.  More